Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3D Printer Information And 3D Printer Prototyping Modeling
3D Printer Information And 3D Printer Prototyping Modeling
For some people even the cheapest 3D printer is too expensive. However, a new and comparatively inexpensive product should enable many more people to create 3D objects and have fun at the same time. A company called WobbleWorks LLC has developed a pen that lets people draw with extruded plastic on a flat surface or in the air. Both one dimensional objects with a raised surface and true 3D objects can be created with the pen. No computer or software are needed. The pen does require an electrical outlet, however.

The elite are aware that change must come, but they prefer the change to be their own way and not in the way that would be more equitable and just. They would rather hoard the resources of the world for their own pleasure than to share anything with others in a more equitable society based on economic democracy, where the real producers decide their own matters. The evidence of the world wide economic manipulations and political managed bailouts serves as more than adequate proof. To get the idea of who the real producers are, we have to look into history where all of value was created from resources from nature by those who farmed, mined, fished, raised animals, manufactured and distributed products. Now we are entering an era where 3D printers can take care of the manufacturing part. Robots will do the farming, mining, fishing and distribution part. Given this; who needs a working class? Thus, working people become replaced by machines, become redundant, useless and are no longer required in the economic equation of the elite. As the elite are concerned for their own safety and are not concerned for the care of the idled working class, they would rather be rid of them than overrun. The working class of the world has to become aware of this agenda and take steps to avoid the manufactured apocalypse that is being prepared for them. They then have to unite and stop this in its tracks before they are stopped in their own tracks. The hour is late and heroic whistle-blowers are spilling the beans of atrocities around the world and are being punished for their acts of bravery. We have our wake up call and now have to act against a multifaceted program of a manufactured apocalypse, the desired paradigm shift of the rulers of this world system.

The reproductive processes of living things, animals and plants alike, are among the greatest mysteries of the universe. An offspring is born in likeness to its parents and it gradually gains the ability to produce offspring of its own and of a similar nature. In a way therefore, animals and plants are able to replicate themselves in exactness and to transfer this ability to their new offspring indefinitely. It is therefore quite mind-boggling to have a machine that has a similar capability i.e. the ability to copy itself and to transfer this ability to the new replica. 3D printing is able to do exactly that, and with a simple Reprap 3D printer kit you can now open up a new world of possibilities.

You neglected to mention biological 3D printers which are already in use in a limited fashion, but will soon change the face of Medicine. They will extend life exponentially. You also forgot to mention that not every \"lower\" class person is useless. Who will clean the houses, fix the cars and build the homes for the wealthy elite? They sure won't! Very interesting and somewhat depressing article!

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One of the most impressive things about these 3D printers is that they are able to create items that have moving parts as well. There is no need to create separate bits and then put them together. Providing you have a computer program to create a complete item in, you can print it in 3D and move the relevant parts as soon as it comes out of the printer. This is how versatile and exciting the printers are.

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