Friday, August 16, 2013

Islamic Swim Suits in the UK
Islamic Swim Suits in the UK
Living in the west can bring many barriers to Muslims wishing to participate in activities that require exposer of the body e.g., one of these can include, swimming, which could be indoor or outdoor beach swimming.

As Muslim women and girls require the need to cover their body and hair to the opposite sex it can become very difficult to engage in recreational activities in a non Islamic country. Women can attend ladies only swimming sessions, however these are limited.

In turn this can have a physical and psychological affect on the physically active Muslim females. One would be limited to the amount of exercise gained by the physical workout and due to the lack of social participance a possibility of social anxiety or depression can arise.

This deprivation can be more troublesome for the young Muslim child as it can have a tremendous affect in her academic development as the Government is committed to ensuring swimming takes place in schools. Swimming is a compulsory part of the current National Curriculum for PE and will remain a compulsory part of the new curriculum when it is released.

In a normal scenario the child would not participate as it would be going against their religious beliefs. This would in turn cause further problems with parents, teachers and the principal as the law does not permit parents the right to withdraw their children from this statutory element of the National Curriculum.

A long time solution to the problem has arrived with many women/girls opting for the modest Islamic swim suit. The suits are a way to cover modestly while not depriving oneself from taking part in such activities. Many of these costumes also meet the current swimming regulation standards and are approved by schools.

The suits come in many different styles and sizes. You also have a choice of a costume consisting of 3-5 pieces or opting for the more comfortable and light weight one piece suit. Schools and swimming centres tend to prefer the lighter costumes due to health and safety.

These costumes are becoming more readily available to buy on the internet and are now more socially accepted. Britain is vast advancing into a multicultural society that is coming closer to radicalising racial diversity and welcoming a more democratic civilisation.

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